The rock is there: The asteroid is passing by the Earth

The asteroid, under the symbol “Facility 2014 JO25” length between 640 and 1,400 meters, passing closest to Earth in the past 400 years. Asteroid named Rock (The Rock), the universe travels at the speed of 33.56 kilometers per second.


Besides the Earth will pass at a distance of 4.8 lunar distances (the distance from the Earth to the Moon), which is about 1.8 million kilometers. This is the closest to passing this asteroid by the Earth in the last decade, to whom, as expected, will not come again in the next 400 years, according to NASA.


The US space agency is this asteroid marked as “potentially dangerous”. About this celestial object does not know how many, but NASA predicts that the double reflective of the Month, which means it could be visible from Earth.


Stone is its passing by by the Earth started during the morning.


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