This trick you have not seen: The hair dryer against speeding

Residents of a village in Scotland where cars go at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, find the way how to slow.

They took matters into their own race- yellow-green vests, as they used the police, locals standing on the road holding black hair dryer which from afar looks like a handheld police radar for measuring speed.


BBC reports that the population of the village Houpmen not have much success, but the patient is thinking that by the drivers and officials to suggest the real problem, while Scottish police said he was “aware of speeding in the area” and that working on the problem.


Not the first time someone on this recall, says BBC  and lists that trick was used in 2000 in a village in England, then in 2012 at Florida, and in 2016 in a village in Poland where a roadside a doll placed in a uniform similar to the police in whose hand was – hair dryer.

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