Woman Almost Loses Feet As They Blister From Common Item Most People Own

Jessica Jones (left) and her blistered feet (right)
A Mississippi woman headed to the doctor in agony after enormous blisters erupted on her ankles and feet. Unfortunately, she would later find out what caused her painful condition, just as she was growing scared that she may need to have her limbs amputated – and it all boiled down to an everyday item that most people own.

Jessica Jones states that there was no warning before she found herself suffering the most painful experience in her life. According to Opposing Views, it all started when she noticed that her feet were feeling a bit “tight.” Doing as almost everyone would, she took it easy for the night and hoped that things would resolve themselves by morning.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. In fact, she woke the next morning to some sore red dots on her ankles. Still, she didn’t really pay it too much attention, thinking they were just spider bites. Unfortunately, she would soon find herself horrified to see that the area had turned into massive blisters, resulting in utter agony.

Jessica Jones’ feet
As Fox 8 reports, Jessica went to her primary care physician, who diagnosed her with cellulitis, a common bacterial skin infection, and prescribed her some antibiotics. However, the next morning, she would wake up in even more pain, which prompted her to drive down to the emergency room in Picayune, Mississippi, for more testing.

There, doctors said she was suffering from an auto-immune disorder and wrote her a prescription for pain pills and steroid cream before sending her on the way – but things were far from over. Just a few days later, the blisters had become so big and painful that Jessica couldn’t walk.

Jessica Jones’ feet
“It was just the most miserable pain I ever felt in my life,” she recalled. “And all I would do is just sit there and cry.” After that, she would visit two more hospitals, where she was given two other separate diagnoses with one saying it was a photosensitivity rash and the other saying it could be systemic lupus erythematosus.

However, after receiving more antibiotics, pain pills, and creams, there was still no improvement and certainly no relief. As one would imagine, Jessica became downright terrified at that point. “It scared me because I’m thinking, what if they have to amputate my feet? That was going through my mind,” she explained.


Jessica Jones’ feet
After becoming confined to a wheelchair, Jessica finally encountered a lucky break nearly two weeks after her initial doctor’s appointment when she called an ambulance to take her to Oschner Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana. The breakthrough came when one doctor asked the right question as he looked down — “New shoes?”

Come to find out, they were a $25 pair of leather sandals that she had just recently purchased online. Just like that, the light switch flipped on, prompting the doctor to inform Jessica that her blisters looked more like “chemical burns” from the leather, leading to him to correctly diagnose her with contact dermatitis, which is a severe allergic reaction. In the end, there was just one thing she needed to do to make all the pain stop as the doctor told her to simply stop wearing the shoes.

The shoes responsible for Jessica Jones’ reaction
Doctors would later express their suspicion that the irritation came from the chemicals used to dye the leather, but that can’t be said for certain. However, they do say that all you need to do to ensure contact dermatitis doesn’t progress to the stage which it did for Jessica is to go to a doctor at the first signs of redness, blisters, or irritation.

Jessica states that she doesn’t hold the manufacturer of the sandal responsible, saying that this was a uniquely freak accident. Explaining that her skin specifically had an issue with the shoes, she states that this really isn’t anyone’s fault. However, making sure you can keep an eye out for this is especially helpful as she’s using her own story as an example for others – and in this day and age, you can’t be too careful.



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