Girl Dies In Car Crash, What Cop Found Near Wreck Has Him Driving 770 Miles

A devastating car crash took the life of 19-year old McKenzie Amanda Grace Catron, and seriously injured her passenger.

The cause of the Dothan, Alabama area wreck is unknown, but whatever transpired resulted in Catron slamming into a utility pole. Witnesses to the crash saw a dog fleeing the scene of the accident, clearly traumatized.

The dog turned out to be a third passenger in the vehicle. The dog, Kai, was McKenzie’s loyal companion. Local volunteers, first responding fire fighters, and law enforcement attempted to locate Kai.

A local attorney put up $1,000 as reward for the recovery of the lost animal. A Facebook page, “Help Find Kai” was begun in earnest. The attorney, Benjamin Irwin (Cherry & Irwin Trail Lawyers), found the dog. He donated the reward he had promised others, to the very shelter that McKenzie adopted Kai from.

“Help Find Kai” was a success, and they updated their page to “We Found Kai.” With that, a new mission was established and that was to get Kai home to McKenzie’s family in Florida.

The original responding officer, Sergeant Jonathan Whaley, transported Kai 770-miles home to McKenzie’s family who welcomed in their daughter’s friend, “For us, it was just a part of her,” said Kendra Mulherin, McKenzie’s mom. “And we found it. And now we can start healing.”

The bond between a dog and their person is just as strong any love between two people. Now, Kai can begin her journey of healing as well.

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