SHOCK IN AMERICA: The founder of the “Fox News” passed into Orthodox Christianity and moved to Moscow

One of the founders of the TV ,, Fox News -TV-director Jack HANNICK access in the Russian Orthodox Church. HANNICK with his wife and minor son was baptized on Holy Saturday in St. m Miss Tatiana in Moscow.
After baptism HANNICK said ,, This for us was a really long trip. But I think everything happens at a time that God has set and blessings. All we are trying to do something as we imagine, but often happens as God intended. ”
He emphasized that for him and his family was very important that the Russian Orthodox Church joined in the traditional manner, as was done in the first centuries of Christianity.

HANNICK with his wife and child fasted the whole Lent and Easter eggs made. HANNICK moved to Moscow and began working as a director for Cargrad ,, “, Orthodox Russian television.

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