10 Foods Made In China You Must Avoid: Filled With Pesticides, Plastic, And Cancer-Causing Chemicals!

Did you know that a great percentage of foodstuffs sold in the USA are imported from China? Hence, although food from China is much cheaper, the consequences come at a bigger price. You pay the price with your health. Therefore, in order to protect your health, you should avoid these 10 foods:

  • Tilapia fish

These fish are one of the worst kinds as they are very toxic and unhealthy. This is because they eat about anything. Moreover, it is common knowledge that Chinese sea-food farmers don’t let their children eat the seafood they farm. Nearly 80% of this fish in the USA comes from China.

  • Cod fish

Another fish type farmed in China. This is an unhealthy fish as it lives in its own waste. Unfortunately, approximately 50% of cod fish is with Chinese origin.

  • Chinese apple juice

More than 50% of the apple juice on the American market originates from China. Unfortunately, China is the largest pesticide-producing country in the world. What’s more, they haven’t even begun to tackle the problems with pesticides and chemical residue on foods.

  • Processed mushrooms

According to US inspectors, they have found tainted Chinese mushrooms. Chinese manufacturers even label these processed mushrooms as organic in order to increase their profits. In fact, in China, there is a wide number of “mystery mushrooms” that are completely fake. Hence, 34% of processed mushrooms sold in USA are from China.

  • Chinese garlic

Garlic with Chinese origin contains a lot of chemicals and this type of garlic has bad aftertaste of a chemical concoction. Around 31% of garlic sold in the USA is imported from China.

  • Chicken meat

In 2013, the sale of Chinese chicken on the American market was approved by the US Department of Agriculture. However, a lot of food safety experts put in question the quality of this meat as China is a country where avian influenza and food-borne disease are a common notion. Additionally, China is the country with the largest production of pesticides in the world and what’s more, the air in China is highly polluted.

  • Plastic rice

This type of rice is believed to be made from potatoes and a fake synthetic resin. When boiled, the rice remains hard and doesn’t cook as regular rice. Long-term consumption of this food can have cancerous consequences.

  • Black pepper

A Chinese vendor sold mud as black pepper and flour as white pepper. The Chinese food and safety regulatory systems are not diligent enough. And, although the standards in the USA are low, there are at least some standards.

  • Industrial salt

This type of salt isn’t recommended for human consumption; however, it has been present on the market as table salt for 13 years. Hence, this salt can be detrimental for both the mental and physical health and it can cause problems with hypothyroidism and reproductive system disorders.

  • Green peas

In 2005, fake peas were created with snow peas, soy beans, green dye, and sodium metabisulfite and are probably still produced today. The previously mentioned dye is banned due to its carcinogenic properties and due to its inhibition of the body’s ability to absorb calcium. When boiled, these fake peas don’t soften as regular peas and the water in which they are boiled turns green.

All in all, it appears that Chinese food is one of the worst foods in the world. A staggering 70% of Chinese rivers are polluted and the air is filled with toxins due to by-products from the production of the abovementioned foods.  For example, according to a study from 2015, the air in Beijing is so polluted that breathing it damages the lungs more than smoking 40 cigarettes daily.

As it is difficult to recognize that the food you buy is from China, you should shop locally at the farmers market and find out as much information about the foods you buy as possible. Know your food! Research before buying- your health is in question.

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