X-Ray Shocks Doctors After Child Complains Of Agonizing Stomach Pain

Doctors were continuously prescribing painkillers to a three-year-old boy who was experiencing agonizing stomach pain for months. Parents were suspicious and thought that something had to be wrong so they decided to take their son to a local hospital for treatment. During the stay, an X-ray was made which not only discovered the agony, but what it revealed, shocked the doctors!

The boy suffered severe stomach pain for months, before his parents decided to take him to Metro Hospital in Faridabad, India. The doctors requested an X-ray to be performed on the boy’s stomach and were more than shocked to assume that the boy suffered from agonizing pain due to a clump of metal object, stuck inside his stomach.

Head of Laparoscopic Surgery Dr. Brahm Datt Pathak immediately rushed the young boy into surgery, where the shocking discoveries continued. Inside the boy, the doctor found 29 magnets, a battery, and a coin in his gut, after he had swallowed objects lying around his house, according to Daily Mail.

The ball of metal was stuck in the boy’s stomach.

The child had all this metal stuck in his stomach. According to Dr. Pathak, it was extremely unusual to have 29 magnets in total. This means that swallowing magnets had become a habit for the child, and probably had been swallowing them for more than 1 year.

The magnets were causing severe stomach pain and hurt his bowels, as they had been stuck together and formed a large magnetic ball. This has been one of the most complicated cases for Dr. Pathak. The poor child has completely gut damage as a result.

All objects were carefully removed in a surgery that lasted 3 hours. Because the family business is making jewelry boxes, the child able to easily find these objects.

These objects were too large, If they were small enough, they would have passed through the process of excretion.

However, everything went very well and the child was discharged after a few days. His parents departed him from the working materials for jewelers. In general, parents should take precautions to make sure their children are safe. Households should be childproof, because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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