Mother’s Heartbroken When 4 Officers Show up for Her Son… Then 2 Words Change Everything

An Arkansas mother’s world was changed forever when four state troopers showed up at her door for her son. What they had to say would make a lasting impact not only on her but the 10-year-old boy.

Angela Andrews said she was heartbroken and felt helpless when none of the 21 people invited showed up to her son’s birthday party back in April of 2016.

All of that changed when four Arkansas State Troopers knocked on her door with the intention of granting her son, Toxey, surprise birthday wishes two days later.

Toxey said he was slightly scared when he first saw the officers at the door. But some of their first words — “Happy Birthday” — cleared that up quickly.

Their good wishes pushed his fear aside as they visited with him and helped him celebrate a happy birthday. They brought the little guy a cake and even let him sit in the patrol car.

“They showed me all the keys to do the sirens and the horn. I also got to see the cage with the dog in it,” Toxey said.

The troopers gave Toxey several gifts that included video games and a razor scooter. They even played a game of basketball with him.

“They had come to give me all that stuff and make up their own birthday party for me,” said Toxey. He admitted that it bought tears to his eyes.

It will surely be a birthday he will remember for a long time. He hopes to be a trooper just like the ones that paid him a special visit for his 10th birthday.

For her part, Andrews had just one message for parents: “On Saturday night, I knew no one was coming, and I posted on Facebook just kind of like an outcry to parents. Just please if your kids get invited to birthdays, take them.”

This is one of many stories where law enforcement officers go above and beyond to make someone’s day. If you see someone in uniform, be sure to thank them for their service!


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