Man Arrested for Pork Chop Related Violence for Second Time in Three Months

Some people take their food extremely seriously. That’s exactly what police in Georgia recently found out after arresting a man two separate times — with each crime involving a pork chop.

According to the AthensBanner-Herald, a 29-year-old man named Terry Ball was taken into custody several months ago for assaulting his mother with a piece of meat.

Ball “was eating a pork chop at his mother’s Simmons Street home when he became angry at his mother because she hadn’t gotten cigarettes for him, the 60-year-old woman told police. After throwing the pork chop at his mother, Ball reportedly pushed and head-butted her,” the Herald reported.

That first instance of pork-based violence was so bad that the family needed to use force on the out of control man.

“Ball’s father then jumped on his son and held him down until police arrived,” continued the newspaper. “Officers kept a Taser trained on Ball as his father got off of him and he could be plased in handcuffs, according to a police report.”

You might think that one arrest would be enough for the pork chop perpetrator to learn his lesson. You’d be wrong.

Just days ago, Ball was arrested a second time. “On Wednesday, police received a call from Ball’s mother saying that he was trying to fight everyone in the house,” reported television station WAGA.

“When officers arrived, they say that Ball claims he was upset that his family ate his pork chop, and now he would have to eat noodles, according to police,” continued the station.

“Police say they also found pots and pans on the ground in the house, and that Ball expressed several times that he was not happy about what happened with the pork chop,” WAGA elaborated. “Ball was then arrested by police.

The man is now facing charges of violating a family violence order.

It goes without saying that this specific type of crime is rare — or after the second arrest, you could say “medium-rare.”


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