Their Kids Died In A Car Accident. 3 Years Later, Dad Meets An Abandoned Child And Realizes.

People come and go all the time, but the passing of our loved ones is something that is indescribably hard to deal with. Parents having to see their kids pass before them is something that no parent wants to endure, but it happens to a great many people.

For Cathi and Dan, this reality was all too true. If you were to meet Cathi and Dan, you would never suspect that something this horrid has happened to them. They come off as extremely soft-spoken and kind-hearted, but in 2005, their two youngest children were both killed. Mortified, they both began to grieve year in and year out with very little to look forward to.

It was 10 years ago that Cathi and Dan lost their 21-year-old son, Andrew, and their 15-year-old daughter, Christina. They were both on a trip to visit their friends in another place, but that night, Andrew missed a stop sign. The resulting accident took the lives of both children and left Cathi and Dan to grieve for years to come with no hope in sight.

That is, until Matthew entered their lives. Nearing the third year of their children’s passing, Cathi couldn’t take it anymore. She volunteered to go on a mission trip to Liberia in order to help the less fortunate, and that’s when she met baby Matthew. Matthew was a 4-day-old baby who was abandoned by his birth mother due to birth abnormalities. Children born with any deformities at all were often abandoned and left to die.

For Cathi, who works as a nurse, it was love at first sight. She spent weeks keeping Matthew alive until she was finally given permission to adopt him and bring him back home.

Dan also immediately fell in love with Matthew, saying “The gift of Mathew is that he made us have to love again.” For Dan and Cathi, Matthew was what gave them the will to go on. Since adopting him, Matthew has underwent a plethora of medical surgeries for various conditions, but he is now a first grader and is doing well.


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