In this article you can read the story about a woman called Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco. It seems that people from all around the world got outraged because Ayra reportedly posted photos of her baby in a dog leash, eating what appears to be dog food.

Lurleen Hilliard from the anti-child abuse campaign “No longer Victims” from Dublin, Ireland has intervened immediately after she saw the bizarre case.

For Daily Mail she stated: “I was trawling through Facebook on Monday when I came across the images she had posted on her page”.

She added:
“If we tolerate this level of abuse and parents think they can post these images online in order to boost their page or to make themselves look good then all we’re doing is saying that we support, and we’re enabling, child abuse”.

Lurleen is horrified and she says that if Ayra does such things to her baby and post it online, she don’t want to imagine what Ayra might be doing to that little poor soul when nobody’s watching.

As soon as she saw these disgusting photos, she contacted the authorities in the U.S. Now, Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco is in custody but Lurleen says that she still is worried and don’t know what would be the outcome of this tragic situation.

She said:
“Apparently, the father works for a government agency so whether they’re going to try and pull some strings to allow her off with a slap on the wrist, but I’m determined that that’s not going to happen”. She added: “I’m going to keep on at it and keep pressure on them for her to be charged, because it’s not acceptable”.

The Secretary of the Department of Development and Social Welfare, Dinky Soliman stated that this sad story is clear case of child abuse.

Below you can see the photos that Ayra Dela Cruz Francisco posted:




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